Hi, I’m Angelo one of Best Balloons perfectionist, hey it’s not my fault it’s just the way I was born…I love it when everything is organised and in its place, who doesn’t…but I also realise that it’s unrealistic as my daughter will very kindly remind me of that, “Dad my room doesn’t need to PERFECTLY clean…” Yes well, that’s another definition of perfect.

I have to say though, one thing I did, turned out pretty perfect…and that’s her, my little princess. 

Best Balloons is a wholesale balloons company that was started by decorators just like you. The idea was born to create more of a service than a location or a shop. They say that the journey of an entrepreneur is a lonely one, and we are all entrepreneurs in this business. But it doesn’t have to be lonely, and we want to help make sure it’s not.

We are based in Ashbourne Co. Meath and deliver nationwide at WOW Balloons we are not just wholesalers, we are a support system, here to help you succeed.